Bad weather

If the weather outside is bad or if you are bored, you may find an interesting book or magazine out of our library.

Books for children
Schmökerbären Pferdegeschichten (Gondolino)
Schmökerzwerge Pferdegeschichten (Gondolino)

Books for young readers
Das Superbuch 1001 (Gondrom)

Books for adults
Völs am Schlern – Ein Gemeindebuch (Josef Nössing)


If you’re no bookworm, different amusing party games are wainting for you!
Otherwise you can dedicate some time to your physical and mental relaxation, by easing some tension in our sauna or by resting in your room.

How to arrive

From the North

Leave the motorway at the exit „Klausen/Chiusa“ and continue towards Bolzano. Arrived in Ponte Gardena, turn left following the signs to Castelrotto, Siusi and finally to Fiè allo Sciliar.

From the South

Leave the motorway at the exit „Bozen Nord/Bolzano Nord“ and continue towards Brennero. Arrived in Prato Isarco, drive through the tunnel in the direction of Fiè allo Sciliar.
Arrived in Fiè allo Sciliar, follow the signs to the centre of the village, continue towards the sports fields (“Sportplatz/Peterbühl”) and pass the football field. After about one minute turn left at the next fork … you have arrived!